The Creation By E. O Wilson Analysis

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In the best of times, religion and science will come together for the greater good. The creation by E.O Wilson is a letter written to a Southern Baptist pastor. The purpose of the letter is trying to convince the pastor that science and religion need to come together to save the creation. The creation includes plants, animals, microorganisms, and the atmosphere. According to Wilson science and religion are extremely influential and can make a huge difference if they come together. He asks the pastor to put aside their differences and focus on what they should have in common which is trying to save nature. Wilson makes a lot of arguments through out the book but what he is trying to say is pretty simple people have to come together if we want to save nature. Another argument he makes throughout the book is that nature is vital to human existence. The earth sustains us; we wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere else. In chapter four he says “ Polar ice caps, the deep sea, and the moon are ours to visit, but even slight malfunctions of the life-support capsule in which we travel can be terminal to frail little homo sapiens. Prolonged residence there, even when physically possible, is psychologically unbearable”(1). In simpler words what he trying to say is that it is in humans best interest to…show more content…
He says, “five percent of Earth’s land surface is burned every year, mostly in order to create agricultural fields or refertilize old ones”(). Towards the end of book he makes it clear that there is still hope and that is why he is writing this letter. He says that to do this “spiritual energy must be more broadly applied, and more exactly guided by an understanding of the human condition”(). In other words a big problem is that religious people don’t really care about what is happening to nature. Its not only religious people but in his letter he is trying to appeal to them

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