Zero Crime In Japan

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OBJECTIVE The Objective of the study is to identify the factors that make Japan a zero crime cities compared to other global cities which having a same population. What makes the crime low in Japan - Key Observations: • The main thing is that its economic success, distinct culture and disciplined population have made Japan to produce one of the least crime rates in the word. • They have a policy regarding guns; all Japanese citizens are restricted from owning weapons of any kind including swords. Unless you are a licensed hunter, which is rare. • Japan is more ethnically homogenous. Income differences are comparatively low which lead to less jealously and incentive to rob and steel • They bend over backwards to find a non-confrontational approach to solving problems. •…show more content…
This leads for calmer minds, less violence and a more peaceful daily existence. • The level of considerations is high, this attitude carriers over at all levels and is taught from early ages. • The culture of societal shame is a very powerful force. And you don't just shame yourself. You shame your family, your friends, your community, and your business colleagues. • Every Japanese not just has a birth certificate, but also must register their current address and origin. For me, it’s Tokyo:Tokyo, meaning currently lives in Tokyo and born in Tokyo. Even if you are a law offender, you have to register somewhere and that will leave tracks to lead to him/her. • Japan is an atheist country, and atheist countries are more peaceful. • Very low unemployment rate. When people are busy doing their jobs, there are fewer loners who get bored and do stupid things. A new concept which make zero crime in Japan

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