Imperialism Research Paper

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Should a person believe imperialism is a blessing or a curse? This question can lean towards either direction due to the arguments that both sides can contribute; however, Imperialism is a curse due to what imperialism all entails. Imperialism is related to the underdevelopment of third world countries. the non-humanitarian treatment of natives in the region and also the racial and social descrimination, which has lead to genocides. These are all reasons why imperialism is a curse. Starting with the underdevelopment of third world countries, this situation is heavily related with imperialism. The relationship of imperialism to the underdevelopment can circumnavigate the basic concept of the natives not accomplishing task for themselves, but…show more content…
Belgium entered the country, Rwanda, in 1918 and created a class system that divided the Rwandan natives. The natives were split into the Hutus and the Tutsis. These two class were split based on elegance and other factors such as width of nose, height, and the shade of color of the skin. During the time Belgium was in the country, the Tutsis were used as assistance to the Belgian conquerors and abused the Hutus. Once the Belgians left; however, the Hutus were put in power due to the elections organized by the Belgian colonial rulers. This eventually leads to a major problem since many Hutus wanted revenge against the Tutsis for being oppressed. Eventually, a genocide against the Tutsis occur and all stemmed from Belgium imperializing Rwanda. If the Belgian never entered the country of Rwanda, the Rwandan people would not have been split into the two classes which ultimately would not have had a genocide occur. This is not the only example of the creation of racial discrimination in Africa due to imperialism. In South Africa, the creation of legalized racism occurred due to the combining of the Dutch and the British. Once the British and the Dutch merged to create the Union of South Africa, the country created a constitution that barred Africans from many privileges such as voting. This legalize racism stems from Imperialism because if the foreign colonist did not enter the country, the country would ultimately not have a constitution that had legal racism. These two incidents both stemmed from imperialism which contributes to the concept that imperialism is a
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