1984 Movie And Book Comparison

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A Dystopian Novel is a futuristic illusion of a perfect society being controlled and maintained by all powerful rulers of some kind. In The book 1984 everyone is being controlled by The Government and the Thought Police.The Book Harrison B the government is taking over and making everyone equal and nobodys better than one another.In The Movie Divergent is a movie about how people have to choose a faction and follow all of the group rules. Both the stories and book is similar in a way but there Society,Control and Protagonist is also different. In 1984, Harrison B and the movie Divergent each Society exhibits living in a dehumanized state and citizens conform to uniform expectation and freedom is restricted.In 1984 citizens are conformed to uniform expectations.In…show more content…
meanings.The storyHB,1984 and The Movie Divergent is the same because they all are being controlled.The government in this dystopian novel keeps control over its people through fear and manipulation.”There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given time.”(Orwell 6)This goes to show you how people were being watched and controlled.In HB the government is controlling people by taking away people special abilities.”George Intelligence was way above normal and he had to wear a mental handicap radio in his ear.”(Kurt 6)Everytime George overthought with his intelligence the ear piece would make a sound and stop him from being so intelligent.In Divergent society is organzied by faction.People had to cut themeselves and choose there faction.This shows how everything is being controlled when they drop there blood in there fiction.Now that the similarities are out there it still is different ways.True enough the book 1984 and HB and the movie Divergent are the same in controlling things but the rules and expectations are different.In 1984 they had to listen to the government.”The telescreen recieved and transmitted

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