Relationship Between Imperialism And Humanism

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The present research paper is an attempt to illustrate the relationship between the theory of imperialism and humanism. It is the basic theme of most works of Science Fiction. A nomenclature Science-Fiction is given or assigned to those narratives in which a writer uses authentic scientific information as a base of his story. Science-Fiction is a label which came in early 1920’s.An American engineer and magazine editor Hugo Gernsback named ‘Scientifiction’ in 1926 to the contents of magazine called ‘Amazing Stories’. The more profound term Science-Fiction was used in editorial page of the magazine Astounding Stories as Astounding Science-Fiction in 1938.The major precursors of Science-Fiction stories were Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne, and…show more content…
The purpose is to conquest. This is exactly the modern symbol of imperial world- ‘the conquest of nature’. This symbol is advocated by modern science fiction writers in to the form of galactic imperialism. Man has established a space travel, that is why he is very anxious to establish his significance or presence in the universe. Apart from this he actually aspires to dominate the whole Universe by conquering one planet to another by Time Machine or Space aircraft. He has already established Space Stations in the Galaxy.Galactic empire may be controlled by humanity and threatened or menaced by alien or it may be an alien oppression threatening the earth. H.G.Wells,Arthur C.Clarke, Heinlein project 20th Century imperialistic violence, self –assertion and brute facts establishing power in their works. Indian Science Fiction writers are also not behind presenting the element of humanism and imperialism. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar is one of them. The present paper discusses and illustrates the concept of imperialistic vision and humanism with reference through Narlikar’s The Return of Vaman. Imperialism in general can be defined as to rule, to dominate one particular state or nation or society. John A Hobson in his book “Imperialism: A Study” ( 1902) explains the concept, by having had experience of visiting of South…show more content…
All the members of the committee read the report surprisingly. Raj Nath read it first and presents his view that it could have been best Science Fiction plot. He further points out that CRAY is the only fastest and advanced Supercomputer of our time. He says that the present report is a blueprint of the same only instead of electronics, it uses photonics. That means the processing of information in the computer is not done through electrons as in the computer as we know today, but through particles of light, the photons. For us a photonic computer is a dream for the future. For those who left the container behind, it was a demonstrated reality. If we can reproduce that achievement we will have jumped across several steps in computer technology. Then Chairperson asks Navin to present his outcome. Navin thinks that language put on the container has Radiocarbon. He says that normal carbon found in nature has an atomic weight of twelve, containing atom which is twelve times heavier than the atom of carbon in small proportions. The container has carbon fourteen which decays. Navin also points out it takes 5700 years for decay of half of any population of carbon.So by measuring the abundance of this radioactive species in archaeological relics we can estimate their ages.Later Navin explains how people of that civilization had five fingers like human beings and how they were

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