War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery And Ignorance Is Strength

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War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength is the three slogans of Winston’s story in the book 1984. Each slogan has its own meaning and it different reasons why also. With the first look at these three slogans, they seem to be very contradictory and possibly illogical. In a way those sayings also make sense. It depends on how people look at it and how they make sense of it in their own minds. Many may say that War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength because it causes you to double think or think critically about the slogans. War is peace. This is sort of a paradox when thinking about it. War is Peace can be considered to be used today it is called preemption, specifically preemptive war. The United States…show more content…
The second slogan of 1984 is quite possibly the basis for the global society that we know today. It is debatable that Freedom is Slavery can be a problem to citizens in a democracy. People in a democracy have many freedoms. The United States first amendment is the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition. These are all the freedoms we have, except one is very restricting. Freedom of press is the most restricted freedom of the five. What you put out in the world through press get monitored and read before it hits the school newspaper, Times magazine, or even on some pages of the internet. The press is being controlled just like slaves. Another aspect of our freedom is our right to go out in the world and find a job, a job where you are told what to do, just like in 1984. There are two types of people with jobs. There are the people like Parsons who loves what they do, and there are people like Winston who just go through the motions being told what has to be done. Whether you are a part of the press or working people may still be “slaved” to their work. These are the citizens right to freedom that can in some cases still be slavery, as if they are being…show more content…
Society can be a highly ignorant mass of people. Almost everyone just follows everything and goes along with absolutely anything. People will go along social media and all reports on the main stream news. Never question authority, books, school books, legal documents, law, or any institutions of any kind. The buzz about police brutality is all that people see now due to videos on the news, internet, and social media. The TV stations and the web pages show all of the bad, what people are looking for to watch. No one ever looks at how many good police officers are out there. Angry and enraged citizens only want to find the bad and put more of it out there for the rest of the nation or even the world to see. This is showing the strength, because of all of these people who follow each other. As if we are brainwashed into following one big cause, just like everyone blindly follows Big Brother. Showing how of one big group of people, maybe a majority of a country, can be strong but very ignorant to what is actually going on around

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