Political Differences Between North And South America

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The United States is a large country, diverse in its people and in its climate. One only has to take a road trip across the country to see this diversity up close and personal. As one travels south, the weather gets warmer and the states get bigger. The crops present change, and the size and amount of farms will grow. Traveling west far enough will land one in a desert or a mountain range; go far enough north and one reaches the frigid Canada. These environmental differences don’t matter much today, but in the 19th century they started a war. Geographical differences in the Northern and Southern United States were the cause of the American Civil War. Differences in geography caused the Northern and Southern economies and lifestyles to be very…show more content…
When Abraham Lincoln was elected president, many Southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America because they feared he would abolish slavery. The war was brought on by the North, trying to bring the south back into the Union. The causes of the Civil War can all be traced back to the differences in geography in the North and South. The main issue was slavery; the Northerners wanted the slaves to be free, and the Southerners wanted them to stay slaves. This is because the Southern economy was based on slave labor, and it would crash without their work. The Southern economy was based on slavery because their environment was primed for cotton production: they had fertile soil, long growing seasons, and lots of rainfall. Cotton was relatively easy to produce since the invention of the cotton gin, but required a lot of manpower. In the South, the source of this manpower was slave labor. The North, however, had shorter growing seasons and land less equipped to grow cotton. Instead they relied on industry, with textile mills and factories that did not use slaves, but paid workers (especially immigrants) to function. Many ofthem were appalled that the South

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