Imperialism In Africa Research Paper

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Africa is a continent with a vast amount of natural resources, including oil, gold, and diamond. It is also a continent filled with intelligent people, but a problem has risen in Africa that could eventually drain Africa of its intellectual population. This is the problem of the African Brain drain. Africa’s fully educated populations are leaving to find better jobs overseas, and the young brains are leaving to get education abroad. This phenomenon could lead to the downfall of several African countries. The African brain drain is the leading cause of problems such as poverty and delayed economic development that most African nations face. According to a report from the Pollution Research Group at Natal University in South Africa, Africa has…show more content…
Such effects include the introduction of new languages and religion that weakened the culture of the African countries. The scramble for Africa beginning in 1881 is the root of many problems faced by African nations today. With Imperialism European countries sought after this huge and resourceful continent —Africa— in hopes of using those raw material to improve their own county. When European countries like Britain, Belgium and France began to create colonies in Africa they treated the colonies as a freshly found mine site and simply drained as much as they could. Natural resources such as diamond, rubber, oil, and gold were taken, and people were taken as well. According to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the Americas. “The resources of African countries built up the west, but Africans now have to go to the west for economic stability,” says Leslie-Ann Murray, a high school teacher who majored in cultural communication. Imperialism brought different ideas into African countries, but when the colonists left some still longed for the ideas the colonists brought, therefore facilitating the African brain…show more content…
Corruption is visible in the daily lives of most Africans. These acts range from bribing police officer to bribing government officials. Many political leaders are more focused on the amount of money they can get than on helping citizens. Corruption is a cancer which has spread nationwide,” said Onesimus Johnson, a Sierra Leonean analyst. Corruption is also found in the medical system. Patients have reported having to bribe doctors before they are attended to. According to the Afrobarometer survey, 46% of respondents from Uganda reported having paid medical bribes. Uganda is not alone in this act with Niger at 40% and Swaziland at 41%. When these acts become intolerable people begin to leave. Nobody wants to live somewhere where they have to create a budget for the payment of bribes. With such corruption in the political system of a country the educated leave to where their voice can be heard, and their basic needs given to them without paying bribes. When the intellectual class leaves, there are less people to question policies created by the

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