Great British Imperialism Research Paper

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Imperialism is derived from the Latin word “imperium,” which means, rule over large territories. Imperialism can also be defined as “a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means. Looking back at the history of imperialism, one country used it in many of its dominated in order to grow as one. Great Britain, in particular, used its imperialist ways in India, South Africa, China, the Crimean war, and Egypt in the 19th century. The main aspect of Great Britain’s imperialistic ways was all surrounded by trade. Great Britain used its imperialist force in India, specifically the East India Company. The Company ruled India with little interference from the British Government, even though they had ownership of it. The company had its own army, called Sepoys, or Indian soldiers. India was also…show more content…
In 1882, the country of Egypt experienced hardship and suffocation of liberties which is another reason why Britain took over. Britain had control of Egypt until 1952 when it let go and ended its imperialist aims. Great Britain also had its hands in China on top of these other countries, and the main reason for this was economic. China had the things that were in high demand, tea, silk, and porcelain were all demanded and Britain wanted it. Although Britain wanted it, they did not possess enough silver to trade, so they came up with a way to barter. Since Britain had control of India, they had opium, which was used to trade with China. South Africa, another example of Great Britain’s imperialism, started with the takeover of Cape Colony. The British South Africa Company was formed and seized the land to the north of Cape Colony. Great Britain took South Africa’s diamonds which led to social complications and fallouts that lasted for many

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