Imperialism Positive Effects

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Our everyday lives would not be the same without the age of Imperialism. Imperialism allowed for countries to expand production and the sale of goods in order to dispose of surplus materials for a profit. This created jobs and expanded the economy. In this paper I will be talking about both the positive and negative effects on Imperialism. Imperialism is still practiced today to expand markets and allow economic growth. I believe Imperialism is a positive thing because it has shaped our country the way it is today. Imperialism has impacted our world today in many positive ways which include, Job opportunities that arose as new factories, hospitals, and schools were created during the imperial revolution. ( Another positive effect of the Imperial Revolution was that Africa, as a very poor country was able to make products from raw materials found in their country and they became accessible to international markets. This lead to colonies becoming wealthy. The British also brought stability to African colonies that typically fought with each other. The last positive effect of Imperialism is that vast, undeveloped countries were capable of growing economic needs which manufactures and merchants could supply. It helped support…show more content…
The first drawback was the imperialists taking advantage of the colonies by exporting raw materials as cheap as possible and selling it for a high price. ( Secondly, there was a need for cash as a result of the high prices, this lead to a shortage of food and supplies. Another drawback was that many of the Africans died due to new diseases spreading that were brought over by the British. Even though there are many setbacks of the Imperial Revolution it is important to remember that everything happens for a
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