How Did Imperialism Affect The Congolese People

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Chop, off goes a young childs hand. Chop, goes another childs arm. The Belgian Congo was majorly affected by King Leopold the 2nd of Belgium. Imperialism affected the Congolese people in lots of ways. They were affected politically, economically, culturally, geographically, and also in a psychological way. The effect on these people was not in a positive way, the congolese suffered many losses and horrible living conditions. The person who controls the Congo is the Belgian people, they gained control in 1885, controlled by King Leopold the 2nd. Britain however was interested in this because of the Berlin Act. Imperialism in Africa was regulated, Britain was interested because of the regulations the Berlin Act had, if they could prove the Belgians were doing something wrong then they could maybe get their land and have them kicked out of the “feeding frenzy.” The Congolese people were affected in a huge way psychologically. Many…show more content…
One reason imperialism affected the Congolese people politically is, when the Congolese people were finally granted independence from Belgium they had no political structure! This caused lots of civil war in the country because of the lack of unifying institutions. Due to the poor rule of the Belgians many villages in the Congo are divided and wars are frequent. Perhaps the worst part, Belgians now gave them independence but held high positions in military and government inside of the Congo. Here is a quote by the British Foreign Office in 1990. “I do not think that… we could do more than make a formal remonstrance on the ground that were not fulfilling their treaty obligations as defined by the Berlin Act… We have no further remedy short of the employment of actual force.” To me it seems like they are stating well ya we should go help the Congolese because of the treaty being broken but we don't have the money or men to do it. The Congolese were affected greatly inn political

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