Louisa May Alcott's An Old-Fashioned Girl

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In the novel An Old-Fashioned Girl, by Louisa May Alcott, Polly Milton strives to keep her old- fashioned morals, as she blossoms from girl to woman in a modern ever-changing society. Commencing from her first visit to the Shaw’s household, Polly meets and immediately takes a shine to the family, especially Tom —a rambunctious; mischievous boy. As the story continues, her old-fashioned ways begin to slowly better her surrounding friends, as she tries to hinder their opulent and grandiose ways from changing her. Over time, Polly finds balance in keeping old-fashioned morals and enjoying modern society. Which ultimately leads her to finding true love in an unexpected, serendipity way. Throughout the story Polly proves herself to always be brave, virtuous, and considerate.…show more content…
In the end Polly affirms herself to be brave, virtuous, kind and truly the embodiment of an old- fashioned girl. Though presented with many challenges, Polly forever carried herself with the grace that is bravery. Furthermore by always staying true to her morals Polly was unfailingly a beacon of love and pure happiness, that showered upon everyone who came to know her, both as a girl and young lady. Lastly, to be considerate, according to the dictionary, is to be attentive, careful, and thoughtful. But to be considerate, as Polly was, is to have a great love and deep respect for ones fellow man. To put others before herself, to have a pure, child-like nature in a fast, adult world without the fear of ridicule is truly inspired. One can believe that Polly’s character is a breath of hope, a stand if one will, against the oppressors, the modern sayers, and the ones who believe that there is no room in today’s high-speed world for people to slow down, and just live. To smell the flowers. To hear the birds sing, and just stop and feel the air wrap around you. To truly enjoy the world that God has so graciously given us, and not just

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