The Positive Effects Of Imperialism: Western Colonial Power

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Carl English H block March 24 2015 The positive effects of Imperialism had always seemed to be directed towards Western colonial power. This completely misleads the people’s opinion about the nature of imperialism. It was not always harmful. Imperialism has two dimensions: the first was the competition between the great capitalist/ imperialist powers for more colonies and lands. The second was the aid in modernizing and improving the lifestyles of colonized countries’ needs. More specifically, Imperialism did more good than harm to the colonized country. The emotions of hatred, pain and fear blinded the eyes of these colonized peoples; preventing them from seeing the positive values of imperialism. Imperialism was often labeled as violent…show more content…
Imperialism had presented the world with new ideas. These new ideas such as; better and stronger government systems, helped to maintain order in imperialized countries that embraced these ideas. Despite that fact, some of the natives of the developing nations still holded on to their old cultures and resisted the changes for the better. Development from their primitive lives were what the natives in the colonies need. Changes were never a good thing for many countries, but it was important to noted that during the time of imperialism; changes were a big requirement for successful development. Imperialism brought these changes to the colonies. An example of these changes would be the improvement of education in Burma. During the Age of Imperialism, Burma had very few schools. Many famous universities were all built by the colonizers in colonized countries. People had taken advantages of this education like Gandhi who was a product of British’s education. “The first Government high school was founded by the British colonial administration in 1874. Two years later, this Government High School was upgraded and became University College, Rangoon” (Dr Kyaw…show more content…
Let face facts, the military of developing countries during that time were armed with primitive weaponry (swords, shields, axes, etc.). Thinking realistically, these militaries armed with these primitive weapons would surely by defeated by the imperialists armed with technologically superior weapons (guns, artillery etc.). Wouldn’t it be lucky to have such a powerful weapons for our protection especially during that period of time? These weapons helped gave colonized countries to stand a chance against their enemies. New technology were worth more than gold for its unique ability to completely change the world. During the medieval times, wasn’t the walls the ultimate defense against invaders for a time until cannons and other artillery showed up to destroy it? Gun would naturally dominate the battlefield yet over half of the world don’t have access to this advanced technology. Technology is everything throughout history. Many countries waged war upon each other because of this difference in military strength. “The Empire of Japan invaded Burma in 1942; this continued through 1943, when the State of Burma was proclaimed in Rangoon. Japan never succeeded in fully conquering all of the colony, however, and insurgent activity was pervasive, though not as much of an issue as it was in other former colonies. By 1945, British troops had

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