Positive And Negative Effects Of European Imperialism

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The Effects of Imperialism In the late nineteenth century, the United States and other western nations in Europe began to imperialize developing countries in Africa and Asia. Believing the white race to be racially superior, both the U.S. and European nations forcefully controlled developing countries because ideologically they surmised that it was their destiny and god given right to ‘civilize’ native peoples. Imperialism was also spurred on in Europe by competition between the nations, which was further supported by the people's nationalistic desires for their country to be the most powerful ruling nation. Western nations were able to thrive economically through the exploitation of natural resources from the African and Asian countries that they dominated. Inadvertently, European…show more content…
However, these modern developments did not outweigh the negative effects of imperialism; european imperialism also brought in racism, economic exploitation of natural resources, and the destruction of native cultures. Native peoples experienced discrimination and cultural oppression in their homelands, all of which would culminate into a struggle with their identity. Despite the modern advancements that imperialism brought to Africa and Asia, natives experienced discrimination and cultural intolerance, ultimately resulting in a struggle with their identities. European imperialism established infrastructure, universities, and introduced modern medicine to developing nations. However, all european nations economically benefited from taking over developing nations as they came over under a self righteous guise of being helpful. In Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The White Man’s Burden”, Kipling satirizes imperialism by calling white folks to “Take up the White Man’s burden/ And reap his old reward” (Kipling 33-34). Kipling criticizes the ideological viewpoint of imperialism; people believed that they had the god given right, or that it was their
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