Latin American Imperialism Benefits

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Throughout history; Imperialism, a way of expanding power and influence through military and diplomatic force; recurs as a common theme. Imperialism is good because it allows countries to industrialize and modernize while also exchanging cultural ideas. Thus, the United Nations should annex and colonize the newly-discovered planet. Throughout this essay, I will include ideas on the benefits of imperialism. Without the help of outer nations, Latin America was unable to industrialize and modernize. Although Latin America acquired independence after multiple conquests in countries such as Spain, they were unable to make much profits without foreign interference. With the surplus of natural resources and minerals, countries such as the United States and Britain found Latin America as a brilliant “investment”; they helped Latin America to industrialize and modernize. Profits allow Latin America to further develop infrastructure: colonization created a need for more workers. Due to the industrialization, more employees were needed and were easily hired. Thus, a cheaper, more efficient workforce was created. This development created an increase in job openings, leading the economy towards a better, profitable future.…show more content…
Exchange of cultural ideas introduced new language, food, attire, and religion. With the colonization of Latin America, the area became a cultural hotspot; languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French became commonly spoken. With these ideas, people came to become more open minded. Latin America creates railroads, harbors, roads, and canals. With the production of these landmarks, transportation became much more efficient. Trade was also became common and simplified. Trade was an important way to make profits while transportation created all around

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