Image Allegory Through Dante's Inferno

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The View through Dante’s Eyes In the book of Dante’s Inferno which was written in the early 1300s, it’s not only about Dante’s epic journey through hell but it is about his life and who he encounters as he pushes onward through his personal life crisis. Overall this is a book of text that presents itself an image allegory towards his life as he saw it. During his life time there was a battle of politics in Florence Italy over the rule of power that greatly made an impact in his life. This battle was known as the Battle of Campaldino (June 11, 1289). The groups who battled over the power of ruling Florence Italy were Guelphs; pro-Pope, who Dante supported, and the Ghibellines; pro-Emperor. While the Inferno is based on religion, it is not a religious text, but a political one where Dante, in his arrogance, decides who is punished and…show more content…
This resembles Dante of being in exile by the newly formed Black Guelps in 1302 due to his political activism which led him in being charged for barratry and ordered to pay a fine in which he did not pay. While Dante tries to escape the wilderness and reach for the light upon the mountains, he runs into three beast. These beast are a leopard, lion and a she-wolf that prevent him from doing this. These beast were the symbols of fraudulence, pride and greed which refers to Italy’s politics. The activism of Dante among the Guelphs politics, greatly influences on how he looks upon the importance of sinning which also caused Dante to qualify heresy as a more severe sin than lust or gluttony because sins against the Lord were counted worse than sins against others. As he still struggles to relieve himself from this place, he sees a human figure who is none other than his most grateful guide through the depths of Hell, who was sent from his beloved wife Beatrice, the ghost of Virgil; a famous Roman poet which provided footsteps of Dante’s

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