The Age Of Imperialism Affected Europe And The Rest Of The World

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The Age of Imperialism affected Europe and the rest of the world positively and negatively. Imperialism is the act when a stronger country seizes a weaker country. The strong countries that were seizing other countries were Britain, America, and Europe. These countries were often competing against each other to capture other countries. They all wanted countries in Africa and India, which led to many battles. The Europeans were controlling a lot of countries through imperialism. The reasons for Europe's interest in imperialism was because they viewed empires as a measure of greatness, so they wanted to build an empire through imperialism. Europeans also believed they were better than others, they believed others weren't as good as them just because they weren't as technologically advanced. Another reason the Europeans liked imperialism was that they wanted to spread their ideas to foreign countries. Many countries wanted imperialize in Africa because it was easy to conquer them, so they could add more land to their empires. The inventions of steam engines allowed the countries to travel easily to Africa, and if the Africans tried to resist their outdated weapons would be no match for the automatic machine guns. Africa was an…show more content…
They wanted to control access to the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea trade this would allow them to gain exports across the Black Sea and into the Mediterranean sea. They would be able to easily travel to more Muslim lands, and be able to set up a trade connection with other Muslim lands. The methods that the Muslim leaders used to try and prevent European imperialism was by granting concessions to Western businesses. These concessions allowed businesses to buy rights to work in a specific area in a foreign land. This allowed the Muslims to keep their land and allow the Europeans to work in their land

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