Analysis Of The Essay: Is Google Making USupid

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The essay, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" is about the effects that the internet has on a persons' mental thought process. How we can now learn information in a matter a seconds that use to take months to acquire. Reading a novel use to be near effortless; Now it's strenuous on ones' mind to finish a four paragraph article. I've also noticed a change in the way I think. Just like Nicolas Carr, 'Deep Reading' has become difficult. When I was young I thought reading was enjoyable. To tell you the truth, I havent read a complete book since the sixth grade. If I needed information from a novel; I skimmed through select pages till I found what was required. Or i thought, "Hey maybe Google would know the answer." So while technology…show more content…
Friedman wrote, "Ive... Even a blog post of more than three or four paragraphs is too much to absorb. I skim it." In this statement you see a college professor admit his troubles with reading a short article. Why is this? Its most likely because you know CNN provides someone to verbally tell you. Listening is easier for our minds to interpret. Carr makes his point clear throughout the entire exposition. Even the title hints at the thesis in this piece. "I was once a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a jetski." said Carr. This is an interesting analogy. He's describing how he once lived by reading, and now he tries to avoid it. That's like a teenager who suddenly starts to despise their cellphone. It is not likely to happen. Although, if a superior way of communicating was invented, I'm sure society would be more than welcome to adapt. Carr really made me think about the way I've changed in the past decade with this statement. "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" is a great portrayal of the way of life. We rely on technology to do our work. I would give this essay an "100"! This is due to the fact

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