Jovy Twin Roo Seat Stroller Case Study

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Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller A baby is a joy to have. The birth of a baby also brings with it the need for some necessary baby items that help taking care of the infant easier for the parents. One of these baby items is a stroller which is a great device to have if a person has a mind to travel or take a walk with the child. There are a number of different ones on the market and it often happens that parents buy a single good quality stroller that comes into use even after one child has out grown it since it can be used by the second one if there is one. However sometimes parents get more good news in the form of twin babies. In this case they are always confused on what to do about a stroller. This is where the Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller comes in.…show more content…
There are a multiple models and types of dual baby strollers on the market but they are most feasible if there is a small gap between the two children. Of course buying a dual type stroller also means that parents have to buy separate car seats and accessories for the infants. For this the Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller is a good alternative since it is initially a well built and sturdy stroller frame that supports multiple model car seats from various companies. What is special about this stroller frame is that it supports side mounting of the car seats unlike the other similar frames. The wheels on the stroller offer great maneuverability and control. The wheels in the front are swivel type. The stroller is a bit heavy with good reason since it is supposed to handle two separate car seats with babies in it. Even though the stroller frame is on the larger side it does offer a compact and easy folding that can be executed with one hand quite conveniently.

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