Impact Of Globalization On Marketing Ethics

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As the world became a small village, the markets of this era differed from previous times. This difference created great new opportunities and challenges for marketing, for different cultures, languages, religions, tastes, needs, values, and more importantly the different means of consumer access and the intensity of competition between companies. I will discuss here the impact of globalization on the ethical responsibility of practices Integrated marketing communications and the The American Marketing Association definition of marketing ethics and the opinions of scientists on the ethics of marketing and I will mention examples of companies that have successfully benefited from the ethics of marketing and global companies failed to maintain…show more content…
Under this umbrella companies and managers do not have to guess and adopt more ethical decisions than they do.There is another view that does not link the marketer's practices to the ceiling of the systems and freedoms available in the market, but places moral responsibility on the companies and those responsible for them. The company must have moral responsibility when making marketing decisions regardless of what the system permits or prevents. Based on this view, each company and marketing director must work according to a social and ethical outlook that goes beyond what is present in the system, and should come from a more comprehensive background that takes into consideration the consumer interest and leisure in particular. The fact that there are ethical standards that control marketing helps the marketing manager to cope with many of the problems he encounters during his work. However, international companies face the problem of different ethical standards from one country to another. What may be morally acceptable in a country may not be permitted or moral in another State. International marketing practices, embedded in a strong ethical doctrine, can play a vital role in raising the standards of business conduct worldwide, while in no way compromising the quality of services or products offered to customers, or…show more content…
We note this in his support for environmentally friendly products, supporting the poor and making sure that the factory gives workers their rights. Today the companies focus on social responsibility even if it is a for-profit company for example, Toms' business model is "one for one concept", which is referring to the company's promise to deliver a pair of free shoes to a child in need for every sale of their retail product. Many companies use sexual content to sell their products, clothing and perfume companies are not the only ones that use sexual content to market their products, even electronic products such as Sony's camera Alpha NEX advertising and it comes to family restaurants such as,Nando’s, an Australian chain of poultry restaurants. Women in Spain and Italy protested against a Dolce & Gabbana print ad that was like gang rape. 1980 Brooke Shields ads, whose implicit waft of adolescent sex drove up jeans sales to approximately two million pairs a month, were just the beginning of a marketing strategy that made sexual allure synonymous with the Calvin Klein brand. In fact, it helped sales, and soon Klein controlled nearly 70 percent of the jeans market at major retailers like Bloomingdale’s. Soon, the U.S. Department of Justice even launched an investigation into whether Klein had violated child pornography laws

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