Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coolers

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Normal conventional coolers provide us cool air, which is quite comfortable in hot and non-coastal areas, but the main disadvantage of these coolers is in coastal areas because they give us humid air, which does not provide much comfortable ambience for human being. Now this difficulty of humid air can be resolved by using air-conditioner which uses Vapour Compression cycle. However, as we know in India, most of the people cannot afford an air-conditioner. Moreover, the electricity bill of an air conditioner is also high due to presence of compressor work. Therefore, we have come up with a new innovative project of an air cooler, which gives us cool air without adding extra humidity into the air. This will be more comfortable than conventional air cooler especially in coastal and humid areas. In addition, it is without any compressor, so compression work will not be present. This ensures that electricity bill will be as much as a normal desert cooler but nearly matching the comfort of an air conditioner. This cooler will be at a price which is afforded by majority of…show more content…
The purpose of desert cooler is to provide a cool atmosphere using evaporative cooling. Places where humidity is very less, there such method is very effective as it increases humidity to a comfortable level as well as cools the ambient atmosphere. But places where humidity is already high and also temperature is high, at such places, evaporative cooling leads to further increase in the humidity and thus making the room atmosphere less comfortable. If the humidity stays high for several days, the moist pads that make the evaporative cooler work can begin to smell, and the musty odour can be blown into the house. Chapter 7. Design of the Innovative Cooler Design of the heat

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