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Canada has established itself as a nation built on diversity, housing millions of individuals with different ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds. Over the years, Canada has been voted as the most preferred country of travel and immigration by multiple news outlets and travel magazines. Thousands of individuals embark on a journey to Canada each year because the country holds a remarkable reputation as a nation built upon peace, diversity, and acceptance. The history of Canada is very unique, and different from any other country. Canadian history is based heavily on immigration. Canada was formed by the combined efforts of the First nations and European migrants. The country later opened its doors to other immigrants. The multiculturalism…show more content…
Canada is among a few nations which provide universal healthcare, free education and welfare programs for the unemployed. Majority of people that immigrate to Canada came from countries that are undergoing war, diseases or famine. Canada was able to provide these individuals the opportunities to seek treatment, live in security, and access to an abundant supply of resources. Also the government provides families the opportunity to apply for immigration together to ensure that the family stays whole. Upon arrival the government provides migrants with temporary residents and income to help them start their new lives, up to $1000 per month. The individuals are also assisted with finding work, many organizations associated with the government provide immigrants with resources such as resume writing, work opportunities, and various workshops which help build leadership skills. The government is aware that many immigrants have University degrees which were obtained back home, though the degrees may not be recognized, the government provides them with short term training courses to help them become certified in their practice without having to spend thousands of dollars at…show more content…
The Canadian Immigration Agency screens all applicants prior to their migration, to ensure they will not be a threat to the country (Government of Canada). Individuals can apply to immigrate to Canada by visiting the Canadian Embassy in their country or neighboring country. The application process can take up to a year; involving various medical checks to ensure the individuals is physically and mentally prepared for the journey (Immigration Canada). Canada attempts to permit refugees immigration status over others, which has made this country a safe haven for politicians and activists fleeing death sentences (Amnesty International). These individuals continue to run their campaigns safely within Canada, hoping to one day return to their homelands and bring with them Canadian inspired political as well as social systems (Amnesty International). Through immigration Canada has encouraged many individuals to help rebuild their home

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