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1. Immigration preference should be given to the individual with special job skills. This is because these people can help build up the economy of the U.S. and Canada. If you want to see changes in the country you would allow the people with immense knowledge to immigrate. If an immigrant or emigrant travel to a specific location, it will give them a better chance at making money, thus providing for their families. It can also help the migrants stay where they migrated to originally. I think quotas should not be raised to meet increasing demand for the both types of immigrants. This would allow more and more people to put a strain on the resources that are already being overused. This would lead to an increase in prices. 2. I do not believe that there is a great impact of the area that people migrate from because most of them leave for certain standards such as conditions being too bad to live in, and cannot support themselves, family, or community. These types of places do suffer the most of this emigration since it puts a dent in the population in the area and the more the younger people move away, the more elderly are going to be needed to step up and take their place. The manual labor becomes extremely hard on their bodies and eventually, many die off because of this. I think that the overall life quality has…show more content…
Chain migration is defined as the migration of people to a specific location, because relatives or members of the same nationality previously migrated there. I can relate this to my community by using the example of why my family moved to Las Vegas. We were originally from Dixie Inn, Louisiana, and decided to move out West since all relatives lived there. It brings families closer together and could up your chances in more developed nations as well. Chain migration doesn’t always apply to people moving from poorer countries to richer ones, I believe you could move within the same more developed country just to get more in touch with

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