20th Century Canada

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Canada During the 20TH Century During the 20th century, many ethnicities had to undergo many hardships and problems due to certain nations. These nations were racist and not at all humanitarian. One of these nations was Canada. Canada has not proven itself to be a humanitarian nation over the course of the 20th century. They display their non-humanitarian like actions by, treating the Japanese Canadians horribly, forcing Aboriginal children into residential schools and by having extremely racist immigration policies. The Japanese Canadians have faced many problems during the 20th century due to the Canadian Government treating them horribly. The most prominent display of the racism the Canadian government had towards the Japanese Canadians…show more content…
They were on of the most mistreated ethnicities and had to undergo decades of suffering due to the selfishness and racism of several countries. One of the nations that treated them the worst was Canada. During the 20th century Canadians had always treated the aboriginals horribly. One of the many ways Canadians treated the aboriginals horribly is by creating and forcing Aboriginal children to attend residential schools. Due to the majority of Aboriginals not allowing their children to go to Residential schools, they eventually became mandatory to aboriginal children and they were forced to go. The schools had extremely poor conditions and forced children to perform labour regardless of their physical condition. 25% of Aboriginal children that attended the school died after 1 year, due to over exertion and disease. The children that survived the first year had to deal with constant physical and sexual abuse. There were constant reports of rape, human depravity and medical…show more content…
They catered towards those who are white and have caused many problems to those of other ethnicities. The racism in Canada’s immigration policies can be seen when the St. Louis was rejected. On May, 13,1939 the St. Louis ship was rejected access to Canada due to the Jews aboard. During the mid 20th century, Canada had a lot of racism towards the Jews, which lead them to reject all 937 Jews aboard the ship access to Canada. Due to the St. Louis being rejected, the passengers onboard had to return to Germany, where they were eventually killed in concentration camps, for being Jewish. Canada favoured white people in the 20th century more than ever. Due to this they preferred white immigrants, which made it difficult for those of other ethnicities to immigrate to Canada. This is prevalent in a quote said by, Trevor W. Sissin, “It is not desired that any Negro immigrants should arrive in western Canada”. The government purposely made it more difficult for non-white immigrants to move to Canada. Canada’s has, caused many people to suffer and the death of over 900 Jews, due to its racist immigration

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