The Reoccurring Theme Of God In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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God or Gods? There are various types of religions all throughout history and the world. Not all of these faiths have the same concept, but many of them do have similarities. As people and ideas have grown over time the concept of religion has always been a constant, reoccurring theme. These stories and events have been recorded almost since the beginning man and are still referenced today. Not only that but they will mostly likely be for many years to come. All of these stories show how important religion is and shows the impact it has on the world. The “Epic of Gilgamesh (The Underworld)” begins with a man named Engidu dreaming of the Gods and how they are angry with him. The Gods are furious that Engidu and his friend, Gilgamesh, cut down…show more content…
When Engidu awakens, he becomes ill and realizes that he is going to die. He begins to curse the cedar that he and Gilgamesh retrieved from the forest. Engidu cries out “Had I known, thou door, that this would come to pass, and that beauty would bring this disaster, I would had lifted the axe and shattered thee all”. Engidu yelled out to the God, Shamash, and also cursed the hunter and the woman for taking him away from his fields. Shamash called down from the sky and questioned Engidu for cursing the woman when she had done so much for him. The woman had given him wine, dressed him in fine robes, and brought Gilgamesh to him to be his friend. Engidu thinks of his friend and quickly realizes that the God was right. He even takes the curse off of the woman. The next day, while on his deathbed, Engidu dreams of the underworld he is going to and tells Gilgamesh that he wishes he had died in battle. After twelve days of suffering on his death bed, Engidu finally passes away. After the passing of his friend, Gilgamesh goes on a journey to prevent the horrors of death that took Engidu away. This leads to “The Epic of Gilgamesh (The Flood)”. He starts his travels by…show more content…
He begins having dreams of Yahweh talking to Amos wanting him to prophesize. Amos sees the corruption of his society and it starts to unsettle him. The leaders of Israel justify the rich by saying Yahweh is fulfilling their wants and needs due to them being faithful and worshiping regularly. This angers Amos, he believes that Yahweh is just with all people. That is when he starts speaking to his people and expressing Yahweh’s warnings. Amos wanted there to be justice on the Israelis for turning the Yahweh into a corrupt and immoral

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