Poverty In Canada

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We’re all becoming poor, but we can do something Did you know that about 4.8 million people in Canada live in poverty? It is not just the countries in the East who you think are poor; many countries in Europe and North America have individuals who live in poverty because of various factors affecting them. These may include low wages, fewer benefits, housing shortage and of course, their lifestyle or way of living. Poverty can also be tied to the government of that city or country and certain rules or laws set by the government could affect these people. Although we are living in an era where we are making many technological advances, poverty is still increasing. Poverty is increasing again because of inequality, poor decisions made by some…show more content…
Whatever a government does, it obviously affects the residents and citizens of that town, city or country. For example, Gabriela Lopez, a 37 year old single mother from Mexico receives a monthly subsidy that covers the cost it takes to send her 5 year old son to an after school-program. Lopez herself takes graphic design courses at Centennial College. To continue to qualify for a subsidy, parents may spend no more than three months of any 12-month period out of work or out of school. Lopez used up a month of that time, so when her classes ended in April, they told her that she had two months to find work, or she would lose her subsidy. She asks, “How can I study or improve or get more skills if I don’t have that help, that subsidy?” she asked, calling the situation “very stressful.” After failing to find work, Lopez decided to re-enroll for summer courses, which will allow her to keep her subsidy, but she’s worried she’ll be in the same predicament next spring. ( Talotta 1). Individuals, especially single parents, have to cope continuously to find a way of living. Housing has become a major problem in most cities in Canada because of their high and expensive costs. The government and whoever is in charge for the setting up the prices for the houses should understand that rising prices will not help with sales when people’s wages are not raising. Even public transit is starting to become a problem in the GTA.…show more content…
We no longer have Stephen Harper as our prime minister, which is excellent as the problems caused by him don’t have to pile up more. Our new Prime Minister, elected on October 20, 2015 is part of the Liberals party. His name is Justin Trudeau and his party has contributed a lot for the Canadian’s well-being and economy. In his campaign speech, he says, “Stephen Harper had ten years to make things better for struggling Canadian families, but his plan has failed. Liberals will invest now to help our families make ends meet, and in Quebec, our plan will lift 60,000 children out of poverty – enough to fill this entire stadium.” ("Trudeau Commits to Record Investments in Canadian Children and Poverty Reduction." 1). I like that the Liberals are keen on taking initiative to fix the problems Canada has. We hope that their suggested promises will work as the Liberals were the ones who promoted unity by making English and French as the official languages of Canada and letting in more immigrants to make Canada a multicultural society. People might say that community actions like food banks are not helping people enough but they should hear from the individuals themselves who greatly benefit from them. Nicole, a mother of eight says, “When I come to the food bank I have little or nothing in the cupboards or fridge, my kids’ smiles are a bit bigger

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