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1. Objective Globalization brought a lot of changes with-it. Thus it is getting less difficult for brands like MC Donald's, to demonstrate their presence worldwide. When a company decides to expand their business abroad. It is possible that the company has to adapt their business strategies to a certain degree to the corresponding culture. Since a long period of time, McDonalds has been one of the leaders in the fast food industry. MC Donald's transmits the image, that the company is simply more than just fast food, it is a venue for families. Other factors that lead to MC Donald‘s success, is that MC Donald's always seeks for new products and special promotional strategies. Through its effort, MC Donald's was able to make a name for itself…show more content…
Two countries which differ in various ways. Secondly the research paper will illustrate how MC Donald‘s copes with the different cultures. With the help of the theoretical cultural framework and the two strategy approaches. By asking the question, is it better to adapt or standardize the Marketing mix of MC Donald‘s to different cultures? During my semester abroad in Lima, I started to pay closer attention to the marketing mix of MC Donald's. After observing, it made me curious: Which role plays a different culture in creating a strategy, even for this all over the world know brand, MC Donald's? This questions entails the main objective of my research about adapting or standardizing the Marketing mix in different cultures. The purpose of this research paper is going to be the comparison of the two strategies; standardization versus adaptation of products, pricing, promotion and distribution. Because of this aim, the marketing mix of MC Donald‘s is going to be analyzed. While exploring this areas, it is going to be shown how a company, like MC Donald, handles cultural differences. Culture is going to be explained with the help of two frameworks of culture. The first one is Hofstede‘s cultural dimensions and the second one is Hall‘s high/low context approach. After analyzing the two framework, it is going to be more visible, how cultural differences influences…show more content…
As the objective is to figure out how MC Donald's copes with cultural differences: Is it better to adapt or standardize their marketing mix? Furthermore, there are various variables which describe the marketing mix and the strategies standardization versus adaptation. This is another reason why for this thesis it is mainly a descriptive method. In order to achieve a good desk research, the first step is to collect data from secondary sources such as the books, articles, journals and studies. Afterwards the whole found information is treated and selected according to the reliability and validity of the given data. Furthermore, there will be some theoretical framework included in the research paper. In the first part mainly about the cultural differences. Clarifying what culture is and explain it further with the help of the Hofstede and Hall Model. In the second part the two marketing strategies, adaptation versus standardization, are going to be compared with each other. Then, the standardization versus adaptation approach of the case of MC Donald‘s marketing mix is going to be applied. At the end the suitable secondary data will be evaluated using the framework and the findings are written down in a

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