Human Trafficking In Africa

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Webster’s dictionary defines human trafficking as “organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited as being forced into prostitution and involuntary labor.” This broad definition encompasses many aspects of trafficking in relation to the transportation, exploitation and abuse of human rights of such persons. Being so close to Europe, geographically Morocco is seen as hub for human trafficking. Persons from Sub-Saharan Africa are transported to this area due to globalization trends. This increase is in globalization accompanied by socioeconomic challenges in certain countries have given rise to human trafficking. In order to understand and combat human trafficking, there needs to be…show more content…
Involuntary transportation and exploitation of beings was part of the core of many countries centuries before it was recognized as an abuse to human rights. Human rights violations cannot be silly encompassed under one headline, therefore it incorporates many aspects into it. The National Human Rights Council’s definition of human trafficking includes “trade in children: sale and exploitation in pornography and sex tourism, exploitation of children through forced labor, sexual slavery.” This definition alongside mentioning the abuse and exploitation of persons by the means of force, fraud and deception is important to mention in discussing the many ways these abuses take place. Not only seen as trafficking in the sexual exploitation sense but also abuse through forced labor, slavery and removal organs. It becomes very important to understand this definition as it applies to the victims. Victims of human trafficking are “women, children and domestic workers.” These victims are often helpless in these situations as they don't have laws and power in order to uplift themselves. For example, children might not understand the law and have no power to vocalize the abuses they might be facing. By understanding this we can see how women and children might be exploited. Since they might not have a full understanding of the law, they are subject to abuse and exploitation by the…show more content…
Firstly, it mentions the need to addresses vulnerable communities. Coming back to what Chuang mentioned in her article, there is a need to address communities that might the most at risk for human trafficking. Since human trafficking occurs in areas where the needs of the community aren't being met, we can address this issue by providing resources to those communities. These resources will empower the community so that they are not powerless in similar situations in the future. Secondly they mention doing research and raising awareness. When a community is able to understand that might be victims of fraud and deceit if they were accept certain job offers that might seem enticing, they are able to combat such problems. Thirdly, they mention providing tools to prevent human trafficking. This involves integration cooperation between countries to fight human trafficking. That officers between nations must be understanding and look out for instances that might have signs of trafficking. Even more than this however, there are more tools to preventing human trafficking. Providing women and children with peopler education is one of the ways to challenge this. Since uneducated beings are most vulnerable to trafficking, probing them with education might be the best possible way to fight this. Education also helps beings gain access to other resources for a better

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