Disadvantages Of Cp Procurement

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The aim of this document is to decide the best method for CRP procurement and select appropriate resources keeping in mind the end goal to make the best use the allocated capital. The document additionally lay emphasis on the strength and weakness of SJHS-GPO (Saint Joseph Health Services – Group Purchasing Organization) and SSW (Shared Services West). Finally after reviewing the stance of the aforementioned organizations the report will obtain a firm stand that would be the recommendation. It would be left to the discretion of the supervisors to implement what they deem fit. Current Situation Cambridge Memorial Hospital is currently planning and assigning various vendors for which different type of Capital Equipment could be obtained throughout…show more content…
This would wipe out an incredible lump of work for items that have already been purchased in past by publically funded organizations. These organizations have their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Both fuse the most crucial ideas of economies of scale and scope that could benefits CMH for better prices and lesser documentation. Additional benefits include safeguarding CMH from any potential litigation or discrepancies during the procurement drive. I will shed light on the advantaged and disadvantages of both the…show more content…
By using the SJHS contracts we are mitigating the risk of any possible lawsuit that may occur from the vendor community should we choose to do the competitive bidding ourselves as per the BPS guidelines. 5. A true serenity for the equipment purchased through SJHS with potential saving on man hours of CMH. Disadvantages 1. Being a very big organization SJHS will less likely be able to focus on a large scale of items to negotiate a better pricing in par with the current market conditions. 2. CMH has to handle by its own self the project management aspect of the procurement for the project. Since this is a project never done before in this facility and management might lack appropriate skills to handle the project. SJHS would be of little help while dealing with the planning and execution of the incoming capital equipment with a lack of expertise specifically for new hospital builds. SJHS is a shared platform to buy items every once a while. 3. Every delay hence forth would produce risks which if not addressed on time would lead to financial implications along with irate end users and management. 4. With the limited resources CMH would not be able to put the capital to the best use despite the SJHS at our disposal. There will be a learning curve for the ongoing project and it would put an onus on purchasing to ad lib.

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