Globalization And Globalization

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Globalization is the process of interaction and integration of people, ideals and governments worldwide which is driven by trade, investment and the quest for market expansion and propelled by constant technological advancements particularly in telecommunications infrastructure and the growth of the internet. It is a contemporary phenomenon that is reflected in art, popular music, linguistic changes and migration; we’ve all become one big global economy. The world today experiences wide spread economic interdependence; now interdependence and cultural borrowing are nothing new, since history has shown that trade has been a big part of human survival for generations. However the scale of trade today has grown exponentially because multinational…show more content…
The World Bank. IMF and the World Trade organization have been frontline proponents of the pro-globalization movement. Globalization has created avenues for criminal organizations to transport illegal substances in increasingly innovative ways utilizing the supply chain of legitimate activities, and thus making detection difficult. We have all seen the rise in terrorist groups, their transnational appeal and ability to migrate across borders and the devastating effects of their works are being felt all over the globe. Emile Durkheim in his studies and literature projected that industrialization would lead to the breakdown of boundaries between society while Carl Max perpetuated that the industrial class in their constant search for money and power as well as the extraction of surplus from the working class would extend their pursuits into other geographical regions pulling countries into their system for cheap labour from the working class and for the raw materials in these specific regions. Due the surplus of printed cash, advanced technology by way of on-line banking and purchasing and free flow of goods and services, societies are no longer entirely dependent on other countries. Thus we have become an insular society as phones and…show more content…
Supply, demand and seizures can be triangulated to give a more reliable picture than any single data source could generate. As a result, some trends can be tracked with considerable confidence. It is clear, for example, that long-term declining demand for cocaine in the United States and rapidly growing demand for it in Europe have reconfigured global drug markets. Between 2004 and 2008, West Africa suddenly became an important transit area for the drug in a way never seen before. Also unusual is the growing trafficking of cocaine base products from Bolivia to neighbouring developing countries in the Southern Cone. The Caribbean countries also acts as another main transit point in the demand and supply chain. These phenomena can be tracked through supply, demand and seizure statistics. But there remain many gaps in our knowledge of the drug markets. Accumulated national seizure statistics say very little about the nature of the trafficking: the individuals behind it, what are they trafficking, where it is coming from/ where the end destination is, and how are they planning to accomplish their mission of smuggling drugs. For this, further studies and detailed reports of individual seizures and arrests are needed. Under the drug Conventions, States parties are obligated to send to UNODC details of specific seizures which

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