How Does The Slave Trade Affect Human Life

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One of the most devastating and threatening times in human history was the slave trade. This was a very dark time in history when black slaves were captured, herded and eventually traded and sold like property. Being ripped from your home, family, language, and culture to be packed into a ship and endure what was called the middle passage has left a devastating scar on multiple continents and a countless number of African families and those close to them. Even though the goal was to transport the African all the way across the Atlantic safely, many people died on this horrific journey. Those who survived endured the brutal reality of being sold and put to work by their abusive owners with poor living conditions most of the time, and no pay. The trading of slaves has…show more content…
It was also very destructive from a moral standpoint. Is it not right to enslave a human being. Is was morally correct to view blacks as non-human beings at this time, all they saw was walking property, people who would do everything they asked of them without question. They saw them as names, Ni**er, Cotton Picker, Slave, Negro, all of these different terms. To them, these people weren't even referred to by their names. This creates a devastating impact on humanity. It sets a tear in the fabric of human relationships forever. It affects government, laws, and even justice. One of the worst times of the slave trade was the Middle passage. This was the passage where they would take the slaves on a ship route to the New World to be sold and traded. The route of the slave ship from Africa to the West Indies would take around two to four months but it could take up to six months, depending on the circumstances involving the weather and the surf. When boarding the ship, instead of being treated as passengers or honored guests, they were treated more like ship cargo or goods. The Slaves were only being transported to be sold and for

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