Internship Report: Internship Report At Nishat Mills Limited

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NISHAT MILLS LIMITED INTERNSHIP REPORT SPRING: 2014 NISHAT MILLS LIMITED BHIKKI SUBMITTED BY STUDENT ID: MC120401511 STUDENT NAME: SHAFAQ MUSTAFA KHAN SESSION SUBMISSION DATE 4th August 2014 VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN Acknowledgement: I want to explain that I have completed my internship at Nishat Mills limited which was on 12th of May 2014 and completed on 27th of June2014 by the grace of Almighty ALLAH. I am very much grateful to Almighty Allah that by the grace of Him I have completed this internship and learn a many new, informative and many of activities regarding office environment and practical work of all these working which I have done during my study time period. I feel much obliged to Almighty Allah first…show more content…
Basically Nishat Mills Limited is engaged in manufacturing Textiles. This Mill is Involved in the activities of Spinning, Combing, Weaving, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Stitching, and buying and selling of textiles. Nishat Mills Limited is dealing with Yarn, Linen, cloth and other verities related to textiles. There is no problem related to funds, power generation and other problems in manufacturing Cloth. This Company is selling its products within and outside the country. This company has its highest ranking in selling its products…show more content…
Financial Highlights: Nishat’s net sales increased significantly 52,426,030 to 44,924,101 in 2013. Sales of Nishat mills limited has increased 16.70% for the year ended 30th June, 2013as compared to previous year. The company Sales grew 120% exponentially by last five years. Performance of firms weaving division is especially remarkable. Nishat Mills Limited profit’s after tax has increased significantly by 47.89%. However the profitability for textiles and garments divisions of the company depressed during this year. It’s because of low sales in US and European Union’s region. In this Mill, improved methods of production and efficiencies of labor have increased its Gross Profit from PRs. 6,789,191 to 9,044,485Rs. The Gross profit has increased 33.22% over this year. The total dividend of Nishat mills limited has also increased from 2,266,279PRs. to 2,226,339 PRs. Operational highlights: The cotton prices remained steady during the first month of current financial year. Department of Nishat Mills Limited: Here in Nishat Mills Limited the Departments are mainly involve in

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