Speech Language Pathologist Research Paper

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Speech-Language Pathologist Speech-language pathologist is the profession under communication of science and disorders. They are also known as speech therapists. They engage in clinical services, advocacy, education, and research speech and language disorders and work with individuals of all ages, from infancy to the adulthood. They are needed at public and private schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing-care facilities, community clinic and home care. Earning a bachelor’s degree helps speech-language pathologists get on a pathway to their future careers. A communication of science and disorder undergraduate degree program helps the students prepare for a graduate degree program. The classes to prepare the students include linguistics,…show more content…
Speech-language pathologists work with surgeons and physician, psychologists, social workers, and other healthcare workers in medical facilities. In schools, they provide counseling and support classroom activities while working with teachers and parents to develop and carry out individual or group programs. Employment of speech-language pathologists is projected to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. As the large baby-boom population grows older, there will be more instances of health conditions that cause speech or language impairments, such as strokes and hearing loss. More speech-language pathologists will be needed to treat the increased number of speech and language disorders in the older populations. (U.S. Department of Labor Staff 676) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for speech-language pathologists should be good because there are “many areas in the country experiencing a shortage of speech-language pathologists and aspiring speech-language pathologists should have good opportunities to find employment upon

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