Outline The Different Types Of Counselling Skills

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1.1 When define counselling skills it can be said that counselling skills are used to enhance communication and establish good rapport between the counsellor and the client. “Counselling skills are a defined set of recognised techniques which help an individual to fully understand what is being said to them, at the same time being able to communicate that understanding to the person they are listening to. Counselling skills involve reflecting back the speakers story in the listeners own words while conveying the emotion of the original story.” Lees-Oakes R. - Counselling Skills- Available at http//www.Counsellingtutor.com (Accesses 13th March 2015) Yet people in different professions use counselling as part of their work role and it it important…show more content…
The various roles that might use counselling skills include; General Practitioners , Nursing, Macmillan Nurses, Age Concern, Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue), Priests and Vicars, Teachers and mentors, Social Workers, Prison Officers, Lawyers, Probation Services, Youth Workers , Citizens Advice, Connections, Supportive Charities, Samaritans, Debt Advisers, Managers, HR personnel and workers and Service Industries like Complementary and Beauty Therapists, Bar Tenders and…show more content…
However no contract is made with the counselee to determine any conditions of contract surrounding the conversation. The manager could imply confidentiality, resonate empathy and even express a level of congruence but these conditions as could not always maintain as there could be higher-archival differences in the need for the knowledge from the questions. The manager (dependant on the situation) as part of their job role will be a need to ask questions and query the staff member for information to succeed targets or for their own or company/ stakeholder agenda rather than keeping the client's information confidential. An example of this would be the reasons for the staff member's sickness absence. However sensitive the details have to be passed to HR and may be used for a formal sickness monitoring

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