Human Error In Aviation

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The Yemenia Airline is considered the national airline of Yemen that is on the capital city of Yemen (Sana’a).It operates both the domestic and the international flight ,for 24 destinations in Asia ,Africa ,Middle East ,and Europe .The beginning of the Yemenia Airline was in 1940 which is established by the king Ahmad bin Yahya who was the king of Yemen at that time .In 1967 the Yemenia airline merged with United Arab Airlines which lasted until 1972 , at that time , it was called Yemen Arab Airlines. In 1972 the Yemenia airline was being nationalized, then it signed an a agreement with Saudi Airline in order to extend the company in condition that the Saudi Airline will have 49 percent in 1977 .The company fleet has 10 aircraft three is…show more content…
The aim of human factor in aviation maintenance is to identify and study the factors that affect engineer’s performance in aviation maintenance and inspection. Human error in is a important topic due to the increasing in accidents in the past years. The aim of this paper is to understand the causes of human error in aviation, as a result of knowing the reasons, it will be easier to help aviation industry to be safer for passengers and pilot . Since several researches have discussed and prove that the causes of accidents in a large percentage is because of human error. Maintenance engineers have great responsibility in making the aircraft airworthy and safe to fly .However researchers are trying to minimize the stress on the crew and develop their awareness on this specific issue by establishing safety awareness programs in order to prove the efficiency of their work due to expectations of making mistakes is higher. Human error can be defined as unsuitable human behavior that reduce levels of system efficiency or safety, which could or could not lead to accident or injury (Wickens, 1998). Technically, the…show more content…
Fatigue can be mentally or physically so when the engineer is under fatigue ,he may have reduction on decision-making ,coordination, strength, and balance. Reaction time speed Fatigue alertness loss and often reduces the ability to focus and being attention on the task (Medicine, 2008). Symptoms of fatigue could be also including short-term memory problems, concentration on unimportant cases while overlooked other factors that might be more significant, A fatigued person can be distracted easily and he may experience abnormal mood. Its results will lead to increase in mistakes, poor decisions, or perhaps no decisions at all. In addition to that tiredness is a also symptom of fatigue. However sometimes a fatigued person can feel awake and Active when he engaged in a task but sometimes he has a lack of sleep which is the primary cause of fatigue. Free from having drugs or alcohol and have good sleep is a important in order to not to have fatigue. Fatigue may also be caused by overworking and stress. A person is having mental and physical cycles through several levels of performance each day. For example heart rate, blood pressure ,body temperature, and rise of attention. This is called as one’s circadian rhythm (San Jose,2010). It is a person’s ability to work and rest gradually rises and falls during this cycle. Performance face to circadian rhythm can be hard. Until it becomes extreme

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