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“"We told you” he said, placing his hand on the shoulder of the boy beside me but talking to us all. "You can run but you couldn't hide. And now here you are, guests of honor at Furnace Penitentiary."”(See pp.45) You know, I think that supernatural stories can be really scary, and realistic ones too, but the most horrifying stories of all are those that balance the two of them. This is one of these stories and this one plays on real fears that many of us have, but inject them with all new kinds of horror. Okay so apparently you can be a somewhat criminal or not a criminal at all and these people in suits come and find you and get you put in jail. Jail... jail would be a piece of cake... you get put in the Furnace! You are one mile underground and just lost, left to your own with a bunch of weird people, NO ONE WILL HELP YOU! Or as the writer, Alexander Gordon Smith tells us in the book; “Beneath heaven is hell, boys, and beneath hell is Furnace. I hope you enjoy your stay.”(See pp.59) The adventurous thriller book Lockdown is about Alex Sawyer, a 12-year old boy who is a bully and a criminal. The protagonist might be a bully and a criminal but he is not a killer—yet that is what everyone thinks when a burglary goes horribly wrong, and his best friend…show more content…
. He is usually very conservative and just minds his own business. He doesn't want to start trouble and thought that furnace was inescapable. The gang leaders respect him and he doesn't cause trouble for them. Donovan tried to explain to Alex the unwritten rules of Furnace and how to stay out of trouble. He also tried to teach him how to stay out of the gang leaders’ attention and how to live there so it was not a complete living hell. Alex ditched all that though when one day at lunch, the skulls were picking on another prisoner that came there the same time as Alex (which was the main reason Alex got in a fight with the

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