Aircraft Design Process

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AIRCRAFT DESIGN PROCESS Introduction; The aircraft design process is the engeneering design process by which aircraft is designed.These depend on many factors such as customer and manufacture design,safety measures,physical and economical constraints,etc. Design constrains; A design starts with the indeed purpose for example (A)commercial airlines are designed for carrying passengers and or cargo.These are long ranged and greater fuel efficient. (B)Fighter gets are designed to perform high speed maneuvers and provide close support to ground troops. (c) some aircrafts have specific missions like amphibious airplanes have an unique desing that allows them to operate both on land and water. (d) harrier…show more content…
In the upper atmosphere Airworthiness is the standard by which aircraft are designed fit to fly. The responsibility for airworthiness lies withnational regulatory bodies, manufacturers, as well as owners and operators. The International Civil Aviation Organization(CAO) sets international standards and recommended practices for national authorities to base their regularities on The national regulatory authorities set standards for airworthiness, issue certificates to manufacturers and operators and the standards of personnel training. Every country has its own regulatory body such as the Federal Aviation Authority(FAO) in USA, DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) in India, etc. The aircraft manufacturer makes sure that the aircraft meets existing design standards, defines the operating limitations and maintenance schedules and provides support and maintenance throughout the operational life of the aircraft. The aviation operators include the passenger and cargo airliners, air forces and owners of private aircraft. They agree to comply with the regulations set by the regulatory bodies, understand the limitations of the aircraft as specified by the manufacturer, report defects and assist the manufacturers in keeping up the airworthiness…show more content…
(4).Mass The weight of the aircraft is the common factor that links all aspects of aircraft design such as aerodynamics, structure, and propulsion together. An aircraft's weight is derived from various factors such as empty weight, payload, useful load, etc. The various weights are used to then calculate the center of mass of the entire aircraft. The center of mass must fit within the established limits set by the manufacturer. (5).Structure The aircraft structure focuses not only on strength, stiffness, durability (fatigue), fracture toughness, stability, but also on fail-safety, corrosion resistance, maintainability and ease of manufacturing. The structure must be able to withstand the stresses caused bycabin pressurization, if fitted, turbulence and engine or rotor vibrations. Desing process desingn

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