Masks Hide Behind Masks

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The following essay looks into the hidden truth behind superhero’s and the masks they hide behind. The topic about superhero’s and why they hide behind their masks and costumes. From what I have seen in most movies most superhero’s hide behind masks mostly to protect their identities and protect their families and friends. Moreover these superhero’s mostly have super powers that make the different from everyone else. They most definitely all the time face evil and enemies that threaten the human population. Contradictory enough even their evil counterparts to hide behind their own masks. So I will be exploring the mask. As masks present a certain image. Whether it be good or bad the mask presents an image that a superhero or a villain wants…show more content…
The work that I have produced does focus on the body with the focal point mainly being the mask on the face and the costume the superhero is wearing. The medium that I have used is a pencil drawing with food colouring to complement the artwork. I wanted to make the camouflage style more meaningful and more explicit. I wanted the food colouring to interact with the paper showing the many different colours. Also the mixing of the colours on the paper wasn’t on purpose but the mixing of the colours shows a different element. Another reason why I chose the drawing of masks was due to the character in batman called bane. His mask is a good example of the symbolism that I was trying to emphasis the mask that he possess clearly has a big statement. It shows the strength, power and fearlessness of the character all in one shot due to his mask. The masks that I have drawn are masks are gas masks but have a superhero element towards them. I was trying to show that the superhero that I have drawn is both fearless and powerful. His costume possess the military camouflage to show that his a fighter and hero for the
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