Essay On Gender Equality Among Athletes

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Should there be gender equality among athletes? Wage equality is a major problem across a lot of industries but today I will be discussing my viewpoints for wage equality for athletes. Wage equality is paying both male and female athletes the same for running the same race or playing the same sport. A strong argument for male athletes being paid more is that male athletes attracts bigger crowds and therefore make their clubs more money. In the season of 2016/2017 Manchester United Football Club had the highest average home game attendance in the Premier League with 75,290 fans attending, whereas in the Women’s Super League rivals Manchester City topped the average attendance with only 2,253 fans attending in 2016. Another argument is the prize money received in tennis. Men’s world number one in 2015 Novak…show more content…
Although Saudi Arabia’s women’s Olympic team is progressing females they are not allowed to compete in any sporting event or even spectate in their own country. In schools in Saudi Arabia the boys’ schools receive gym classes and the majority of girls’ schools do not receive any form of physical activity in their curriculum. To conclude, male and female athletes should receive equal pay but from a business point of view both male and female athletes cannot be paid one hundred thousand pounds each for example when one is making three hundred thousand pounds and the other is only making three hundred thousand pounds. In order to help wage equality is promoters need to promote female sports more so that more people will have the opportunity to see female sports because I personally do not see many female sports on television or being advertised at

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