Sociopaths Vs Psychopaths

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People are not all the same. Sociopaths and psychopaths are two types of people that suffer from a very different disorder. Anti-social personality disorder is an umbrella term the covers sociopath and psychopath describing a lack of empathy, and emotions. People with anti-social personality disorder usually end up becoming criminals, but that is not always the case. Through this paper we cover how sociopaths are the less intense version of psychopaths. We also cover how therapy and other treatments can help people reduce symptoms effects on their life. Intro To say we are all the same is a lie. People are all different and some of the differences are astronomical. One type of people that is different from the general public is people with…show more content…
On the less extreme end of anti-social personality disorder sociopaths ae deemed to have a conscience. As well as having a conscience sociopaths are highly impulsive and their behavior tends to more erratic than their high-functioning counter part. Sociopaths have compulsion when committing a crime, relating to how they try get everything to only benefit themselves. As sociopathy can range from smart, strong, driven characters to more violent hot headed people, the traits are confusing. The number one thing that is expressed in all sociopaths though is a lack of planning, tending to act more on revenge and emotion. Though every small emotion they tend to take over their mind at times and drive a person to do something they might not want. Many sociopaths use these emotions to seek sexual stimulation and let their over sized ego get them into fights. Not caring about what others think many sociopaths care only for their needs, letting other people problems come in one ear and go out the other. These traits that define a sociopath may come from birth, but can also be caused by…show more content…
The first way to deal with anti-social personality disorder is therapy. People use behavioral therapy to deal with the symptoms and side effects of this disorder. The only problems is that people do not realise they have a problem their whole life. They end up living with the side effects as a part of their life. When people do realise they have issues it usually takes them a long time because they blame others for their problems. Many sociopaths develop problem through substance abuse. A way to let their brain start to re make neurotransmitters is to stop using substances all together. This may not health your Brian, but it can help these problems not become violent. Another more scientific way to deal with people is the decompression model. This is all about positive reinforcement. Whenever a person does good behavior treat them, this leads to more good behavior. Sociopaths and psychopaths do not respond to punishment, but do appreciate

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