The King Of Mycenae And Argos In Homer's Odyssey

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Odyssey Character list 1) Agamemnon- (ag-uh-MEM-non) He was the king of Mycenae and Argos in Greek legends. when King Priam of Troy son Paris(Alexandros), carried off Helen, Agamemnon called on the princess to unite in war for revenge against the Trojans. 2) Alcinous- (al-sin-oh-uh s) He was the King of Phaeacians to Homer in the island of Scheria. Also being the father of Nausicaa, Halius, Clytoneus, and Laodamas with Arete. 3) Amphinomus- (am-fin-uh-muh s) He was the son of King Nisos and one of the suitors who wanted to marry Penelope, and was told to be one of the more decent ones. He was also killed in the final battle like the other suitors were by Telemachus. 4) Antinous- (an-tin-oh-uh s) He was the son of Eupeithes and he was…show more content…
She kept Telemachus’s journey a secret and kept Odysseus’s identity a secret when she recognized a scar on his leg. 11) Eurymachus- (yoo-rim-uh-kuh s) He was a manipulative and deceitful suitor. His charisma and duplicity helped him to get a lot of influence over the other suitors. 12) Helen- (hel-uh n) She is the wife of Menelaus and the queen of Sparta. She also offered Telemachus help on his quest to find his father. 13) Laertes- (ley-ur-teez) He is Odysseus's aging father and resides on a farm in Ithaca. He gains his spirit back when Odysseus returned and soon killed Antinous's father. 14) Melanthius- (meh-lan-thee-us) He is the brother of Melantho. Also he abused the beggar who appeared in Odysseus's palace who actually is Odysseus himself. 15) Melantho- (meh-lam-tho) She is the sister of Melanthius. She also like her brother abused the beggar who appeared in Odysseus's palace who is still Odysseus himself. 16) Menelaus- (men-I-ey-uh s) He is the king of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon, and the husband of Helen. He also offered to help Telemachus on his quest to find Odysseus. 17) Nausicaa- (naw-sick-ah) She is the beautiful daughter of King Alcinous and Queen Arete of the Phaeacians. She found Odysseus on the beach at…show more content…
He is the husband of Queen Penelope and father of Prince Telemachus. 20) Penelope- (pe-nel-o-pee) She is the mother of Telemachus and wife of Odysseus. She spends her time in the palace waiting for her husband after he left twenty years ago. 21) Polyphemus- (pol-uh-fee-muh s) The cyclops Odysseus meet when he went on his island. He tries to eat Odysseus and his crew but Odysseus soon blinded him with a clever plan. 22) Poseidon- (poh-sahyd-n) He is the ruler and God of the sea and Odysseus's mortal antagonist. Poseidon hates Odysseus for blinding his son the cyclops Polyphemus. 23) Telemachus- (tuh-lem-uh-kuh s) He is Odysseus's son and he was still an infant when he left for Troy. He was a natural obstacle to the suitors who wanted his mother. 24) Tiresias- (tahy-tee-see-uh s) He is a Theban prophet who inhabits in the underworld. He shows Odysseus how to get back to Ithaca and allows him to talk to the other souls in Hades. 25) Zeus- (zoos) He is the king of gods and men, who meditates the disputes of gods on Mount Olympus. He sometimes helps Odysseus or he just tell Athena to do the

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