Dark Night Of The Soul Richard Miller Analysis

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All readers interpret author’s readings and messages in different ways. Apart from the content contained in the essay, what makes all readings interesting is that each person can read the same essay and take away something different from it. Each of the essays we have read so far share commonalities in their essay’s and shares a common theme. Schulz’s, Miller, Doyle and Percy all have ideas they are trying getting across to their readers and by each author using their own expertise they effectively portray their ideas to the readers. These authors also have clear biases’ when attempting to portray their ideas to their readers. All of these authors reveal through their writing that the world is a very complicated place and make the readers…show more content…
Miller believes that the literary arts are dying but does not believe it is necessarily a bad thing. He presents numerous examples in an attempt to prove his point one of which is talking about the shooters of Columbine, Klebold and Harris and how what they read influenced them to commit the horrific act of the Columbine shootings. Miller states, “[W]e tell ourselves and our students over and over again about the power of reading and writing while the gap between rich and poor grows greater, the Twin Towers come crashing down, and somewhere some other group of angry young men is at work silently stockpiling provisions for the next apocalypse” (11). This shows how Miller reveals that our world is so unpredictable and complex and all humans have to do their best to make sense of it all. Miller asserts in his essay that the literary arts have a role in revealing how complicated the world is because when gaining more knowledge people start to realize how complicated life is and that not everything is in black and white. This line causes people to look at the way they live their lives and shows how quickly people’s lives can be changed from a single event. Some people’s escape may be reading but in the case of Harris and Klebold their interpretation of what they read lead to a very extreme scenario showing how all people interpret literature differently. The two boys read Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, which leaves most people disgusted; they, however, were fueled by this information. Miller has expertise in writing by presenting his belief and having done research to provide evidence to support it. After reading Miller’s essay people are able to see that everyone interprets literature differently and some people interpret it to an extreme which they may not have realized before. Miller’s purpose for writing this essay is him wanting his

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