Insecurity In Bogota

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Description Bogota has bien always criticized of being insecure and it the result of many problems we have to face these days. For example lack of education, unemployment, corruption, lack of house, poor health services hunger, displacement among others to make bogota becoming a dangerous place to live, because people feel afraid and adopt a defensive attitude population "women" because they have been victims of crime, sexual abuse, drug trafficking poverty, armed robbery, homicide theft and so on. It is not easy to solve this problem because the government is not creating is not creating strategies to over come difficulties, because they are not interested in bogota and there has been an increase of Homeless people, poverty, armed robberies…show more content…
Violence, muggings, break-ins, abuse, kidnapping, assaults. This results in injury, death, psychological harm, impaired development or deprivation. The insecurity has then a great impact on people’s lives and well-being in Bogotá; this is the reality of everyday life for many millions of people. According to Colombia reports, the 47% of population said they were under the impression that public security has deteriorated. There is a close relation between insecurity and health in Bogotá, responsibility for what happens at this nexus falls to multiple actors, including ministries responsible for health, defense and internal affairs; the overriding influence, especially on security, may even be the policy of other…show more content…
Unemployment is defined as a situation where someone of working age is not able to get a job but would like to be in full time employment; corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery; illiteracy which is the condition or quality of being ignorant or unknowledgeable in a particular subject. These aspects have brought about many negative effects, including millions of displaced people. The short term consequences of insecurity in Bogota include being perceived incorrectly by others, the loss of life, becoming victims of fears and bad treatment, feeling paranoia, adopting a defensive attitude, having problem at work place, suffering from injuries, losing valuable objects for us like mobiles or backpacks. The long term consequences of insecurity in Bogota are cost of life and material resources, orphans, widows, illnesses, low life expectancy, low quality of life, migration, social problems and economic problems. The rates of bombings, kidnappings, armed robbery attacks on banks as well as other violent crimes can lead to a prevalent massive loss of the city human

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