How To Make A Beautiful Life Essay

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Do you spend time thinking what to do next? Are your things always out of your hands? Do you feel frustrated with your hectic lifestyle? Then it’s time to get organised and you will start seeing how beautiful life would be by consistent time management routine. Here are few tips that help to make your life easy and in order. 1. Get an Organiser and write down everything Our mind is like a super computer that stores in every single information that we perceive on our daily live. Though our mind works so hard to memorised every single details sometimes we tend to not remember things because of our overloaded of task and duties that we carry every day. We can help our mind by transferring every information and important details on a paper so that…show more content…
Place everything in a container or a specific area Live would be a lot easier if everything is kept at the right place for us to find and use it. Give every single thing a space and keep in a container or drawer depending on the thing that we place. Label everything that kept in a box so that we can find those things that we use less often. Things like stationary, dry food items, utensil, make up kit, accessories and etc. should be kept in a label container so that it is well-kept and easier to find the things that we use more often. To look more attractive and creative we can colour code the labels so that it looks more clear and interesting to see. Placing all the things we use it's a way of getting organised and we able to realise what are things are finishing in order for us to a repurchasing 5. Money Management Most people feel frustrated when it comes in managing their money. Most of them decide on a spontaneous decision on what they should buy and pay. By practising this way we will never going learn how to spend our money wisely and we will never realised where do we overspend. If you practise a habit to organise money on things that matter, our habit helps us to save for our
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