Fruit Flies Experiment

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Investigative questions: 1. Does the temperature play a vital role in whether fruit flies are attracted to fruits or not? 2. Will a fruit fly be attracted to a ripe apricot during the warmer season (February) or will it attracted the ripe apricot during the cooler season (April)? 3. Can fruit flies survive in cold temperatures? Hypothesis: Fruit flies will be attracted to a ripe apricot by more than 80% during the month of February which is a warmer season than compared to a fruit fly being attracted by a ripe apricot during the month of April which is much cooler as the temperature starts dropping because we are approaching the winter months. Therefore fruit flies will approach the apricot in much warmer conditions compared to the cooler…show more content…
Precautions: • Make sure that the both apricots used in this experiment is ripe and the same colour as the ripeness of the fruit can affect the results significantly as fruit flies are more attracted to ripe fruit. • Ensure that the thermometer used works perfectly and the temperatures are read off at eye level to ensure accuracy in the experiment. • Make sure that the porous paper used does not have any big holes that will allow the fruit flies to escape or else the results will be inaccurate and thus not valid. • Make sure that the temperature is taken every second day at exactly the same time in order for the results to be comparable. Results of experiment: A table illustrating the amount of fruit flies attracted to an apricot in the month of February and April over the duration of two weeks: Day of the week: February: April: Amount of fruit flies: Temperature: [OC] February April Monday 26 22 0 0 Wednesday 24 24 3 0 Friday 24 22 7 2 Sunday 23 20 8 3 Monday 25 19 14 5 Wednesday 26 19 19 9 Friday 28 20 23 13 Sunday 30 17 18…show more content…
• The temperatures were also not taken exactly at the same time every second time because of an irregular schedule therefore that too influenced the results. • The temperatures were only taken every second day instead of every day which would of ensured accuracy and reliability. • During the first week of the experiment a few fruit flies managed to escape due to a fairly large tear in the porous paper thus decreasing the accuracy of the experiment Implications of the experiment: It also seemed that Fruit flies are attracted to bright coloured ripe fruit as the apricot used in the investigation was bright red and ripe and it did not take long until there were a few fruit flies visible on the apricot. The fruit flies also bred much more in the warmer month in comparison to the colder month due to the increasing numbers of fruit flies in February. The weather conditions also played a vital role due to the fact that when it is raining the amount of fruit flies decreased and when it was very windy it also decreased the amount of fruit flies present on the

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