Sedaris Vs Mernissi

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Living in the the US versus living in the Congo or Morocco, you’d have different lifestyles. David Sedaris living in the US and his friend Hugh living in the Congo in “Remembering My Child on the Continent of Africa”. Mernissi with her experience in the US in a retail store and her experience back home in “Size 6:The Westerns Womens Harem”. Sedaris and Mernissi both explore the differences in between where they live and the life of somebody who lives in another part of the world. Even though both essays are comparing and contrasting, there are differences such as Sedaris dealing with a personal dilemma and Mernissi dealing with a universal dilemma, the tone of which the essays are written, and the resolve that each character goes through. Sedaris…show more content…
Sedaris’s essay establishes a humorous tone. Sentences such “When Hugh was in the fifth grade, his class took a field trip to an Ethiopian slaughterhouse. He was living in Addis Ababa at the time, and the slaughterhouse was chosen because, he says, ‘it was convenient.’” sets up the rest of the essay .Hugh's life is somewhat parallel, but with different twists, and is full of extravagant events, such as a dead man dangling from a pole. When Hugh finds the "talking Volkswagen" movie more interesting than that. Although, Hugh family lacked money, they made up for it by remarking, "That sounds fascinating." Continuing on, Sedaris begins to say things such as, "No fifteen-foot python ever wandered onto my basketball court,". Unlike Mernissi, who knows that the objectification of women is a delicate topic decided to write her story in a more serious tone,sarcastic, and informative passage Sentences such as "she seemed all of a sudden, interested, and brushed off another women..." or “here i am transformed into a dinosaur” can be examples of being sarcastic. She sets up the serious tone up by using facts and statistics she provides such as “A generation ago, the average model weighed 8% less than the average American woman, whereas today she weighs 23% less.”. Mernissi is explaining what men in her country view as beautiful in women and how men in the U.S. view as beautiful in women in a different tone than

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