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In the essay “The Beauty Myth,” by Naomi Wolf, women are being controlled by men to always look appealing. In other words, women should always be sexual appealing and healthy just like a model. Women compete with other attractive girls to see whose the most beautiful of all. Which leads to gender roles specifically women who’s jobs are to be attractive, housewife, sexually appealing, and I believe that the “The beauty Myth,” does exist because nowadays its about women’s beauty rather then intelligence. To start off, Wolf explains that women are in positions where they don’t have many rights to their freedom. They are subjected to always be in the house, looking pretty, exercising, and childrearing. But women are tired of this and are breaking women ideals on what women should do for their lives. Wolf essay is mostly saying that “the beauty myth,” is actually women always…show more content…
“Strong men battle for beautiful women, and beautiful women are reproductively successful.” In this case, men fight for strong beautiful women. Like savage beast competing and being with the best women with ideal beauty figure. At times women are seen as objects rather than subject of important. Almost like men seeing women as doll because their beauty is just out of this world. The attractiveness of the women makes men go crazy and died for. Then again women beauty is so important because beauty is necessary. We see the beauty in a beautiful way like a flower because the human eye appreciates the beauty of observing at it. Without beauty there would be no art. People who are extremely beautiful are gifted, but beauty isn't everything. We experience beauty through all senses. Women can have a beautiful body, a beautiful face, a beautiful voice, and other beautiful qualities For me beauty goes over the way somebody looks, but I can't imagine myself having feelings for somebody who I am not visually attracted

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