How Is Odysseus Courageous

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Characters Odysseus was a very brave and courageous. Odysseus’s actions showed his amazing bravery and boldness in the odyssey. Penelope was very discreet and faithful. Penelope was faithful odysseus and she kept her distance from the suitors Telemachus was very intelligent and fearless. For his age he acted very grown-up and smart with elders. Poseidon was very powerful and repulsive. He was very unforgiving to Odysseus and his crew. Polyphemus was very aggressive and powerful. Polyphemus disliked Odysseus and his shipmates a lot so he tried to kill them. Circe was very serious and magical. Circe placed a terrible spell on odysseus’ men and. Calypso was loving put controlling. Calypso kept Odysseus on her island…show more content…
When he go home he finally got to meet his son. They talked about how to regain control of the house. Eventually Odysseus killed all the suitors and got his wife back. Major Themes Hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded Odysseus proves that hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded greatly. For example the time that Odysseus denied the offer from Calypso to be immortal, just to be with his wife and son. Odysseus denied the chance to live forever and never go to the desolate underworld which he feared greatly just to be with his wife and son. He sacrificed many things including treasures and crew members lives to get home. And when he got home he was rewarded. Faithfulness/loyalty will be rewarded In the Odyssey, Odysseus was loyal to his wife. He may have been with another woman on his journey, but he didn't leave her. “‘If the gods make your old age a happier time,’ the sagacious Penelope replied, ‘there is hope of an end to your troubles.’” (23.284-285) This quote shows how Odysseus was rewarded for being faithful and loyal to his family and town. He still tried to desperately get home and when he did he was rewarded greatly, wit with the presence of his
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