Character Analysis Of Odysseus's Character Book 11

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Sean Hennessey Dr. Osburg Freshman English 11 October 2014 Odysseus’s Character Book 11 Though Odysseus is devastated with grief at the dead he finds in Erebus, he finds the courage to keep his head so that he can talk to Tiresias and find his way home. Odysseus is emotional when he starts to sees the ghosts in Erebus. Odysseus first talks to Elpenor at the House of The Dead. Elpenor is one of Odysseus companions who died. Odysseus says, “But I wept to see him now, pity touched my heart” (11.61). When Odysseus says that, he is talking about how he wants to see Elpenor, who died at Aecea, by rolling off the top of Circe’s roof. Odysseus saying this, causes him begin to weep and feel sorrow for Elpenor. Later, Odysseus talks to his mother, Anticleia, who he has not seen for years. The last time Odysseus saw her,…show more content…
Odysseus says, “I broke into tears to see her, but filled with pity, even throbbing with grief”(11.97-98). Odysseus, is talking about how he is filled with grief and sorrow about the death of Anticleia, his mother. Odysseus has now signaled that he is emotional about seeing his companions and mothers spirit. He is very sad to see his mother is ghost form because, while Odysseus was away fighting the Trojan War, she died and he was not aware. Later during his interaction with his mother’s ghost, Odysseus makes known to us about how much he wants to touch his mother for one final time, saying, “And I, my mind in turmoil, how I longed to embrace my mother’s spirit, dead as she was! Three times I rushed toward her, desperate to hold her, three times she fluttered through my fingers,

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