Homer Vs Virgil Essay

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Who do we consider a Hero? A Hero is someone who will do almost anything to protect his family or his nation, someone who’s courageous, someone who’s strong and brave, devoted intelligence, loyal, someone we classify as a great warrior and someone who wins a war. Someone who will go through hell and at the end become a victorious. Like our veterans we consider them as a hero because they will fight for us and lose their lives and the process. Homer and Virgil are what you call a Hero, both of them wanted to get home just in a different techniques. Homer and Virgil is the most popular ancient the world classic epic poetry. Both of them are an amazing writer. But in Virgil mind, Homer was the best writer and the greatest poet of all time. Virgil…show more content…
Apparently, Homer had a huge influenced and inspired Virgil on different aspect. I think Virgil just steal Homer style by writing a similar story. Both of was inspired by their cultures in the town they grew up. Obviously, they many different similarity in their storyline; you can also see the similarities in their writing structure, the themes, their heroism, and their battles, the ideas. But Virgil went beyond that, Virgil upsize his idea to better his story. We have Achilles in the Odysseus and in the Aeneid we have Hector. These two heroic together are extremely strong, clever, but most of the Virgil escapades came from homer. Both of them have their godly gods; both of them have their god that loves them and gods that also hate them although they don’t have the same fate. Odysseus and Virgil might have lot of similarities but they also have their differences. I think Odysseus might some ego because Odysseus worried about his self-esteem and self-assurance and confidence, he worried how people will see him or judge him in addition with the idea of vengeance while reviewing the myth’s fantastic journey. Aeneas and the other hand, had fate and was great because his fate made him great or and he was determined to live upon that fate he got or handed to him. Their heroism differ from one another, where the Iliad focuses on the end of the Trojan War and war’s destructive power, however, the Aeneid takes up the tale during the

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